EXHIBITION: Landtag Brandenburg,Potsdam, Germany, 2016

Hello everybody!

Here is a short review of one of the last exhibitions.


The opening of the exhibition took place on the evening before Donald Trump became the next president of the USA.

That night California decided to keep the death penalty and to speed up executions.

One affected artist within this exhibition: Armando Macia. He is on death row in California. (more than 700 human beings are with him on death row).

That night  Nebraska decided to reinstate the death penalty.

One affected artist within this exhibition: Marco Torres. He is on death row in Nebraska. He has an innocence claim.

SUELTAME, a photo of Louis, a copy of the book which is made by Louis while on death row
Collaborative art work of Louis Castro Perez (Texas) and Anja Claudia Pentrop (Germany)

At this exhibition there was a very special guest: Delia Perez Meyer. The sister of Louis.

I admire her strength and her constant fight since nearly 20 years to prove the innocence of her brother and get him freed from death row.

If you want to see more art work from Louis Castro Perez, please visit LOUIS on Minutes Before Six

To see more art from Armando Macias, please visit ARMANDO on Minutes Before Six

As this post proves: I am finally sorting all projects and started uploading more material. 🙂 In case you have some questions: Just comment!

Have a great day!


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