Self Protection

Dear Readers!

This is day 2 of the “black and white challenge” and I already have to start cheating because the work I present today is actually “black+white+gold”. Please forgive me!

I admit I am already happy that I found a work who has just one color too much!

“Selfprotection” is a work I made when I lived in Potsdam and we celebrated twice a year our open studios at Neues Atelierhaus Panzerhalle in Potsdam, Germany

For me as a german citizen it is often really weird to talk to american citizens about guns. I am not familiar with open carrying guns. I never had a gun in my hand. I never wanted to own a gun.

With fellow artists behind prison bars I had discussions about their prison sentences. In one case a guy has a 30 year sentence for a $6 robbery. Because it was a robbery with a deadly weapon (and in this case luckily nobody got harmed physically) he spents all his young adult and a couple of adult years locked up.

I asked him why he always had carried more than one gun with him before he got incarcerated. He told me: “Self Protection”. He was not the only person who gave me this answers.

In my european head is jumping one thought: “If we all carry guns because we do not feel safe and want to protect ourselves – are we safer then? When everyone has a deadly weapon?”

Please leave me a feedback here or on my facebook page. I love different thoughts and I am openminded to other opinions. Let’s learn from each other!


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