Dear human beings!

2017 is coming to an end and I wanted to wish each and everyone of you

all my very best for 2018.

My life got some extra huge challenges the last year and I am sorry to everyone who is patiently waiting for lots of material from the past projects and all my pen pals, friends and fellow artists on the row are waiting for any mail from me.



My mum passed away. My grandfather passed away. A friend passed away. All in a row of less than three months at the end of 2017. Lots of life changing decision were made and everything turned out to be different as it had been planned.

First I needed some healing and now I am returning step by step.

“SMILE” is a collaborative art piece made by Anja and David. This photo was taken during the “CONFESSION – Art Through Prison Bars” exhibition in Augsburg, Germany, 2017.



















I did not loose my smile. I am very thankful.

Thankful for all the beautiful human beings who are part of my life.

All Human Beings Are Beautiful
“All Human Beings Are Beautiful”, ACP, 2016

I hope your 2017 had been wonderful and a fantastic 2018 will follow!

In case something works not out the way you hoped: Search, find and focus on the little things in life which bring a little smile and let each smile be the new beginning of a next chapter!

Lots of love and thanks for following my posts!



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