How art from prison came into my life

It was by accident that a chapter got added to my life which is called “Art through prison bars”. While writing to prisoners with the motivation of bringing some Joy To Death Row, I got to know several other people and activists against the death penalty, mass incarceration and the private prison industry. I met pen pals who are writing to prisoners from all over the world. From unemployed people to professors. From punks to doctors. From young to old. From sympathetic to not sympathetic. (the list goes on).

People got to know that I am a fulltime artist and started sending me photos of the art they received from their pen pals from prison on postal way and wanted to give me feedback on it or if I might have any tips for them. I got more and more requests if I can take another pen pal who also is a good drawer until I reached a point where answering to letters became a very time eating monster.

As a full time artist I have to be an artist, a social media manager, a lawyer, a promoter, a spokeperson for my art, a writer , an author, a photographer, a sponsor (…) all by myself. And don’t forget that producing art the way I do is a long lasting progress until a piece of art is finished.

Finally I had to combine all this inspiring exchanges with human beings behind bars and their loved ones and family members in free world with my art. So I decided to give it a chance by exhibiting some works I got on postal way from prison next to my works about prison.

With the next blog post I am going to show you more photos of this first exhibition together with an interview with one of the participating fellow human beings from death row. Don’t forget to follow on my facebook page or follow this blog to get to see the next writings and pictures!



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