Daily Schedule On Texas Death Row

You are right!

It is a kind of weird using shiny white and golden fabric to transform such a theme into an art work. Also the brave stitching and pearls are irritating.

I choosed to use this material to irritate the visitors of my exhibition in hope they will take a second longer to view this art work and get the content.

This art piece was displayed a couple of times since 2015 in different places. For example at the open studios of the Art Studio House Neues Atelierhaus Panzerhalle, at the LOCALIZE Art Festival and within the City Palace in Potsdam during the exhibition which got realized, supported and organised by the Party The Left Brandenburg, the German Coalition Against The Death Penalty, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and me

The visitors really spent a lot of time with this work. No matter where I displayed it.

Daily Schedule On Death Row_Benjamin Maltry
Photo taken by Benjamin Maltry in Potsdam, Germany, 2015

I got a lot of questions about this work from art viewers who got confronted with a theme and content they did not expect to see within this art festival when this art work was exhibited during the LOCALIZE Potsdam Art Festival. (Photo above).

But also at the exhibition within the City Palace of Potsam when visitors knew what they are going to see and which theme is transformed into art … this work touched the visitors a lot and resultet in long and interesting conversations about the conditions on death row within the United States of America.

Also I got a lot of feedback to this work from inside. Death Row Prisoners from different states got solidarity thoughts and writings because prisoner from general population from several prisons could not believe that this are the real conditions on Texas Death Row.

FEEDBACK Daily Schedule
Feedback from Texas Death Row

Of course this schedule is just one example from someone who noted it for me and the goal with this art work is to display an eye opener about the life conditions of those condemned to death.

While working on it I really struggeled and discussed with myself because I was not sure if I should add the “Torture” sign or not. At first I decided to create it and try it out how it looks when I add it to the stitched daily schedule. Later I decided to add it to it. And two years after creating this work I  am glad that I did add it. It is what it is.

The conditions on Death Row are inhumane

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