Joy To Death Row

When I try to remember or find out when the journey started … I am struggeling.

It was my purpose to start a blog to document the whole journey and therefor I need to post writings and photos which are already a couple of years old.

My motivation by reaching out to fellow human beings behind bars was to bring some joy to death row, spread humanity and try to understand why serious crime happen. I had no clue that “some joy” would soon be “much work”.

The humanity I got to know through prison bars is more powerful as I had ever dreamed of. Just because someone is on death row does not mean that he is guilty. And those who are … often had no first chance in life and with their execution they also get denied a second chance.

The artistic talent which is locked up behind bars is amazing. And I do believe that those art works should get displayed in public to remind each and everybody that there is a second society we do not think often about. It is the society behind bars.

If you want to get a review of all exhibitions and projects which already took place and read first hand about the upcoming events, lectures, exhibitions, festivals and happenings:

You are invited! Follow us!

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